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Before we speak about others,

Let them speak for themselves.

~Show and Heal maxim

Show and Heal celebrates the diversity of view points, experiences, and traditions. By interviewing youth, we humanize children from socially excluded communities in order to shed taboo and culturally educate society.

American + Sikh interview with 4 brave youth
American + Sikh youth interview on bullying and peace

XAHEJ “XI” BAJIPURA discovered her passion for human rights at an early age when she experienced unequal treatment due to her gender, skin color, family’s roots, and so on. Even as a child, she knew it was wrong and spoke out despite when others would ridicule and silence her. Her life’s purpose is to show and heal children by providing a platform for their voices to be heard.

San Francisco-native, Xahej has over 13 years of experience in CHILDREN’S RIGHTS and is passionate about making ALL CHILDREN EQUAL. Around the globe, Xahej has been outreaching and advocating for the most vulnerable youth and populations through her community social work, teaching, and journalistic avenues. She has counseled/taught over 1,000 youth in Title 1 schools, support groups, after-school enrichment programs, juvenile jails, residential therapeutic facilities, non-profits and on the streets. Learn more about her humanitarian and professional experiences here.

I see myself in others and see others in myself as if I am looking in the mirror. I believe all humans are connected to one another in ways that cannot meet the naked eye but can be felt with an open heart. ~ Xahej

Xahej Bajipura

Xahej Bajipura, Show and Heal President and Founder



Growing up, James remembers feeling at times like he didn’t belong or fit in. This early experience impacted him, and today he wishes for every child to feel a sense of belonging and to know a place in community.

Over the years, his volunteer experience has connected him to the spectrum of human being – people of all colors, faiths and orientations through organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother Big Sister, and Food Not Bombs, among others. He found his calling as a yoga instructor in the countryside of the Guatemalan highlands and came to know yoga as a powerful antidote to the divisive forces that keep us from one another. His love of Guatemala, the Mayan peoples, and the larger Latino community inspired him to connect through yoga outreach to the Hispanic community in San Francisco, which is how he met Show and Heal founder Xahej Bajipura.

His hope for Show and Heal is to offer a safe space and a spotlight to all those beautiful children who feel left out or marginalized. He is inspired by the brave kids who share their stories with Show and Heal and wants them to know that here they are safe, loved and appreciated. May all beings everywhere be peaceful, happy and free.

James holds a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Hawai’i. He specializes in molecular biology and is an epigenetics researcher at the John A. Burns School of Medicine through the Department of Native Hawaiian Health.

James Doherty, Show and Heal Treasurer


Dakota has over eight years of experience in video content creation, from producing, directing, and editing. He has created thousands of YouTube videos and has run a successful YouTube channel with over 12 million subscribers. He graduated top of his class at Palm Beach State College in Motion Picture Production Technology.

It is important to include everyone regardless of their background. Show and Heal’s documentaries open people’s minds. When you are in someone else’s shoes you start to think differently. My life is not much different than yours. ~ Dakota

Dakota Howell, Show and Heal Secretary



Daniel Hamilton is a passionate African American who cherishes involvement with the community. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from the University of South Florida. He sat as a Senator for USF’s College of Arts and Sciences and has overseen budget requests as the Vice-Chairman of its Special Funding Committee. After graduating college, he selflessly dedicated 2500+ community services hours in our nation’s Northeast, Central, and Southeast regions focusing on emergency management; healthy futures; youth education/development; clinical data evaluation for immigrants in McAllen, TX (bordering Mexico); conservation work for elementary schools in need of parks; and social services for homeless. He has taught first aid preparedness for youth at First Avenue Elementary School in New Jersey and received certified training as a Type Two Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle Coach from Keiser University. He currently researches healthy resources related to Type Two Diabetes and wellness for socioeconomic populations in Palm Beach County.


Daniel Hamilton, Show and Heal Grants and Community Health Designer




V is a 17-years-young senior at John I Leonard High School, and sees herself to be “an open-minded person with a careful and free spirit.” Show and Heal is grateful for her contributions to our Snapchat account (@ShowandHeal). She has also been instrumental in the launch of Show and Heal’s first high school club centered on inclusion, diversity, and service.
I hope to create a safe place for our students to learn and speak out. ~ V

V, Show and Heal High School Club President and Student Leader

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