Show and Heal has a holistic commitment to build child and community resilience through Education, Inclusion, and Advocacy. Show and Heal is a collaborative effort of like-hearted individuals and organizations who understand the fundamental interconnectedness of all human beings.

Our Vision

Show and Heal envisions a future where similarities and differences are embraced and self-care tools are accessible to all youth. Every child will have a voice and place in society through inclusion and investment in them for shared prosperity. We strive to achieve shared prosperity through our innovative initiatives that will be available to all schools, organizations, corporations, and entities that are passionate about equality in the world.



Community collaborations for peaceful, harmonious activities and empathy seminars which serve to bridge the gaps between diverse populations, contributing to social transformation.



Public and social media awareness campaigns using interactive multimedia and educational forums to cultivate a sense of belonging.



Facilitation of extra-curricular and digital programming focused on self-care to promote physical, emotional, mental, and social health. Traveling international short-term study tours

  • All children are created equal. The more love we give, the more love we receive. Show and Heal empowers children to lead healthier, positive, and more globally conscious lives.
    Xahej “Xi” Bajipura
    Show and Heal - Founder
  • It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
    Fredrick Douglass
    Abolitionists/Former Slave
  • Before we speak about others, Let them speak for themselves
    Show and Heal

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Our trip to the Alps

Founder and Executive Director, Xahej Bajipura, highlights the intersectionality of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage and Mental Health in this article published in the National Diversity Council’s Quarterly Newsletter:

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Value is a wide-range of self-conception. How you see the world reflects on you. How you view it, how you think about it, how you feel about it, will all influence how you are as a person.

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Spotlight on Haitian youth: 16-year-old Author Neila Montelus

My name is Neila Montelus, I am sixteen years young and I am an author. I started writing creatively when I was ten and I started writing poetry when I was twelve.

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