showandhealamericansikhsocialinclusionPersonally having been called a “terrorist,” “Osama Bin Laden” and even “Muslim” (as if that is a threat since I am grateful for the awesome peaceful, selfless Muslim friends in my life) has made me ponder how unhealthy our media is to children and adults. I have read, seen and heard of countless violent acts on friends and those with similar skin colors. All these experiences have shown me there is something being lost in communication, fueling fear of human-to-human connection.

Now more than ever, it is pertinent we try understanding views that differ from those we grew up with or ever experienced personally. The one common theme I have encountered along my journey is this—humans are going to be who they are no matter what. It is healthier for us as a nation and planet to be who we are in the open rather than behind closed doors or closets.

Finally, being inundated by children’s innocent questions surrounding my South Asian roots inspired me to produce video interviews that humanize people of varying skin colors, traditions and personal lifestyles. Our Show and Heal team is launching an evolution of mind and heart while making authenticity effortless…and beautiful. We are interviewing mainly children and youth about their interests, aspirations, faith, visions of ideal world, and feelings of living in America as a target of bullying.

We will continue collaboration with like-hearted organizations, companies and partners for this movement. Showing these videos to public schools and online will increase cultural literacy, compassion and dialogue of what is actually going on in the real world.