The everyday heroes who are children and young teens. This story was written by a beautiful, talented student of mine about how she saved a life from suicide:
“This story is a true story about a close friend of mine who used to cut, and how I kept her from committing suicide.”
           ~ Donna Jones, a sophomore who has been helping peers and friends with real-life problems, including depression, anxiety, grief, and abuse.   
The girl sits on her own, on the floor where no one can see her. She sits with dry eyes and a page in her lap. Her page is marked up with lines from days passed.  She lifts her sharp brush and paints a line, and one more, and on till her page is filled with lines, all the same shade of red and black. Her page weeps paint, and her heart fills with tears. She lifts her brush once more to her chest and not to the page marred with scars and fresh wounds. The blade pricks her skin, and a drop of black blood drips down her front to join the same tint on the white tile ground, right as a girl walks in. This girl has known the first for a year and knew of her art for a long while. She did not know of the girl’s plan to end it all that night, to not have to draw a new line, for she wished to draw one last time before death came and claimed her. She stops, the blade held in place by ten stones, and lead fills her heart, as her friend caught on to her plan. She does not scream, or cry, or yell, or gasp, but takes the knife, wipes the paint and the pain from the first girl’s legs, and wraps up the self-made wounds. Clean, wrapped, and sad, the first girl lifts her arms for the friend to take hold of. She lets her lift her and take her to her bed, and lets her hold her for the night. They both stare at the girl in front of them, curled together in a hold that will never break. The next day, they get dressed and leave for school, and wear nice masks. No one knows what they did, only that they share a deep love, and that it will never break. The next girl gives the first a small smile. “I know. I draw too.”

cutting, and a cry for help



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If you’re not sure where to turn, please call the resources below:

S.A.F.E. Alternatives information line at (800) 366-8288 for referrals and support for cutting and self-harm.

In the middle of a crisis? If you’re feeling suicidal and need help right now, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline immediately at (800) 273-8255.