How can humans of different nationalities, roots, cultures, traditions, likes/dislikes, personalities and experiences (positive and negative) be told to follow the same road to a destination that is ultimately found within each one of us? Is it possible that people have found God/Goddess, love, self-love by their own paths?

With a vision so high, we must bring ourselves to a higher altitude in attitude, thought, and understanding in order to heal ourselves, thus world.

This evolution, Show and Heal, is about making peace with ourselves and greater humanity, knowing we are all connected and struggling in more than one way. So must race (a social construct), religion, and personal lifestyle choices that don’t cause harm to ourselves and others complicate matters on this planet? If there is one race, human, why are we racing to be so separate from each other or be like someone else? Instead of seeing each other as “The Other,” is it possible to see one another as “Another” American?

My community service work around humanitarian crises in the United States, India and The Netherlands have helped me understand there is no “other.” Instead, I have embraced only “another” human being, just like me, who wants the same out of life as I do, whether for her or his family, self, and the planet. Do we not all seek safety, shelter, food/water, and internal happiness?