Another teacher introduced me to a young lady who was confident, bright, and a gogetter. Her name is Neila. After speaking to Neila about her two published books of poetry, I knew she would be ideal to interview for the Show and Heal: Haitian segment. There are not too many high school authors I know period so I am proud of Neila for following her passion of writing at such a young age. Neila uses her experiences to connect with readers so they, too, know they are not alone! She is my hero!

~ Xahej

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Her Poem on Prejudice

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Neila Montelus, Author and Ambitious High School student


     My name is Neila Montelus, I am sixteen years young and I am an author. I started writing creatively when I was ten and I started writing poetry when I was twelve. I never knew I was into poetry until I had an assignment during the summer of sixth-grade year. Upon completion of the assignment, I realized that I enjoyed it. The more I explored and wrote, my passion grew.
     During my freshman year of high school I received the opportunity to write a book and I took it on. I was fourteen then. I strictly believe in not letting age be the barrier between succeeding. Due to that and abundance of motivation and support, I wrote and published my first collection of poems, Glimpse of the Soul. I wrote Glimpse of the soul to provide individuals with a sense of knowing that whatever they are going through, they are not going through it alone. I wrote it so that readers will find a glimpse of their soul, through mine. I have sold over seventy copies of Glimpse of the Soul and the numbers are still growing.
    On March 29th, 2018 of my junior year in high school my second collection of poems, Crookedly Aligned got published. I wrote Crookedly Aligned to show individuals that it is fine to go through hardships or to be different. We are humans and we contradict ourselves. I wrote the book to show readers that it is okay to be imperfect. It took me two years to write and finalize everything. I had to postpone certain things due to academics or scholarship deadlines, however, I never gave up. That also is something that I strongly believe in. When I  have a goal in mind, I do not stop until I achieve it.
    As I move forward and progress in age, I hope to continue to inspire people and be oblivious to anything that might hinder me from doing so.
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