It is an honor to give Islam the justice that is much deserved in light of its ongoing inaccurate, harmful exposure in media in the last few decades. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. According to Pew Research in 2017, Muslims account for almost a quarter of the world’s population (research). If Muslims were as dangerous as they are overwhelmingly made out to be in news, then we would be seeing innumerable counts of violence all over the globe.

With all my heart, I wish everyone could see the peace that Islam brings to the over 1 billion homes of Muslims. “Islam” means “peace.” The more we show Muslims for the peaceful, service-oriented, and kind human beings they are, the more we can heal the wounds from hate crimes, stigma, and exclusion. At Show and Heal, we will continue to humanize Muslims and their inspiring children. They belong equally to other religious believers, so it is time we learn to co-exist and see the similarities between our faiths and families.

Translation of Muslim greeting


In the past few months, I have interviewed Muslims not read about, seen, or heard from in traditional news outlets. They truly are some of the most highly educated and ambitious people I have met in my life! Raising awareness of the Muslim culture is very significant to me –being raised Hindu–to break the glass of present-day man-made conflict between Muslims and Hindus stemming from the last few centuries. 

What are we fighting for? In human essence, we are identical–emphasis on family values, education, and inner peace for ourselves, families, and society. No one wants to live in fear for their safety. We all want the best for our families, brothers, and sisters of the world.