Show and Heal just finished interviewing Muslim youth, as well as celebrating their culture and peaceful religion not depicted in media. Sister Yasmin schools Show and Heal on Islam (which means peace) that is NOT depicted in media. She aspires to be a doctor, helping people in America and abroad in more impoverished countries. Here future pediatrician, recent college graduate Emaan discusses the origin of her traditional Pakistani garb to Xahej.


It is truly an honor to interview young people from a rich, diverse community such as the indigenous First Nations. And NO, they do not live in or dance around “tipis” contrary to some people’s beliefs. What amazes me the most is the strong passing of traditions from one generation to the next. Just check out the intricate, hand-beaded (some outfits taking a few years to make!) footwear, pants, dresses, vests, and head-dresses! Below Xahej recorded footage of traditional song at a Pow Wow at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe & Casino. 


We’ve had the pleasure to begin recording interviews with inspiring African American youth who are resilient, beautiful and compassionate. One student, Jasmine breaks stereotypes and wants to see the world do the same!


We have had the unique opportunity to begin learning about the beauty of the Haitian culture and music from one student, Kendall, recorded below doing his best to teach novice “pianist” Xahej. What a patient teacher he is! 


Documentary on our interviews with inspirational Latino youth in America is being edited and soon will be out on


Show and Heal learned firsthand from children and youth so much about this inclusive, peaceful religion called Bahá’í that is relatively new in the world.


Show and Heal’s interview with the young LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) community is out on YouTube! Show and Heal had the privilege of conversing with three inspiring young people-Eli, Kanon, and Que-the from the LGBT community. Xahej Bajipura of Show and Heal listened to, shared tea and Indian homemade daal with Eli, Kanon, and Que. She learned so much about their hearts, ambitions, and hopes for the future world, one of inclusion, equality, and love. Let’s take a moment to hear and see their struggles, talents, and desires for peace so we can FEAR LESS. We are all human and #WeBelong. Special thanks to Peter and Rick, of Grandview Gardens Bed & Breakfast in West Palm Beach. They are a beautiful couple who opened one of their cottage homes for the shooting of this special Show and Heal interview! Thanks to our high school video crew as well for doing their best to capture the beauty and authenticity of the LGBT community! One correction: Xahej accidentally used the pronoun “she” when talking about Eli helping with makeup. Eli now identifies himself with the pronouns “he/him/his.”   In their own words


Thanks to the Sikh Society of Florida, Show and Heal had the unique immersion opportunity to step inside the spiritual, peaceful lives of young Americans brought up in the Sikh faith. Many Sikhs are recognized by their head coverings, which represent a gesture of respect for the Divine. In this short conversation, we learn firsthand from beautiful children about Sikh values such as equality and service (seva). Most importantly, we see these youths for who they are — amazing, inspiring leaders who make the world a more peaceful, loving place. Show and Heal takes a quick look inside the lives of American Sikh youth and how they have been affected by Sikhophobia and Islamophobia after mis-managed media coverage of terrorist attacks. From royalty to the poor, breaking bread together on the floor is more than just a meal Why do we cover our hair? Stay tuned! Currently, we are interviewing the beautiful children and youth of Muslim, African American, Haitian, and indigenous backgrounds!  If you would like to get involved, please contact us here and check us out on social media!

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